WAVE-B Invest In People Project

In the past I have expressed the value of a human being and investing in people. This gave me an idea to use social currency to invest in people who may not have a direct monetary return but, a long term return.

This project is different than the other projects on the site as it is is a more synergistic project needing involvement of the writer and reader of this blog.

This project is different in the way it is made up of mini-projects (Mini-P). Each task will be tracked as best as possible. The focus is upon having the readers take a more active roll with the opportunity to participate in the investments.

Each Mini-P will have a specific goal with an end. When each Mini-P is over another one will be started.


Mini-P : Newcomer Family Build


Applied Social Capital

Spaghetti doesn’t grow on trees and neither does Babies

A Baby in Atlanta is the Unintended Consequence of Unaffordable Housing in Kelowna

Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread

Lighting with a Match


Mini-P : Phoenix Rising


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