Mini-P: Phoenix Uprising

The Phoenix was a bird in mythology that arose from the ashes of it’s past. When families experience a house fire they have to mimic the rise from the ashes of the Phoenix.


Before Christmas in 2015 the Del Monte family of Ossining, New York experienced that life changing event. The family home was burnt down for a total loss. Fires take a relatively short time to destroy a lifetime’s worth of efforts in turning a house into a home. Everything is either burnt directly, heat damaged, or water damaged.

1 Injured in Route 9 House FireAbove is the photo from the local patch article

Ossining Fire Department’s Facebook link of the fire

Thanks to the Ossining Fire Department for keeping the fire from spreading. (One firefighter injured according to the Patch article) The reason the firefighters work so hard is to save lives and stop the damage by fires. So as our Mini-P project now is pick up where the firefighters left off. Like the Phoenix the family has started from the ashes and is starting to rise.

delmonteDel Monte Family

As I like to invest in people I invite you to invest in the people of the Del Monte family. The littlest donation will help buy the basic necessities of life to help the family rebuild their lives. (Clothes, pots, pans, jackets, etc.) Every little bit helps as it combines with other people’s donation. Together we make a difference.

Donate Here:

As with the previous Mini-P you can send me your stats (if you donated due to the blog ,how much, and if you shared the story on another blog or social media)

Email me your stats:

Current Stats:


It is not possible to eliminate all fires but do your best to prevent the fire in the first place – The Red Cross has some good tips here


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