Tweaking The Baby Steps

Radio host Dave Ramsey has a debt elimination framework he calls Baby Steps. It seems to work well from the people I have talked to who have used it. I often think many frameworks can be improved. This is just a quickie article on what ways I would tweak the Baby Steps to “improve” it. (Humbly I don’t know if I could but, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.)

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New and Improved 1994 Accord


The Almost Sportscar -1994 Honda Accord


When I convinced my wife we should go for it and start our WAVE-B Free Ride Project she was concerned about moving backwards in quality of vehicle. After all at our price point of $3400 it is harder to find a deal then at a higher price point.  We wanted to have a car that wasn’t a liability both in operation and looks. As part of our plan we kept in mind we would need to put more money into this car after we purchased it.

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