Work Longer Hours And Get Less Pay – Pathway To Indentured Servitude

Can you work longer hours for the same money? Would you like to give yourself a pay cut? Can you sign up to become an indentured servant? Would you like to be an investor in inferior products? All these things can be done but, it takes planning and goal setting.  This post is not for everyone, not everyone has what it takes to be perpetually poor. If this is your goal keep reading….


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What is a Credit Card?

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, & quacks like a duck then,
 most likely you have a duck.

A credit card is a Debt Card*. It gives you debt, it tacks interest on that debt in a self replicating fashion, often it charges service charges creating more debt, there are late charges creating more debt, on top of that it creates more interest debt on all that previous debt. There is no such thing as a credit card there is only a debt card.

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