Tweaking The Baby Steps

Radio host Dave Ramsey has a debt elimination framework he calls Baby Steps. It seems to work well from the people I have talked to who have used it. I often think many frameworks can be improved. This is just a quickie article on what ways I would tweak the Baby Steps to “improve” it. (Humbly I don’t know if I could but, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.)

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Red X Drive to Freedom

1994 Honda Accord

Almost Sportscar 1994

The WAVE-B Free Ride Project hit a major milestone. The Almost Sports Car‘s service to my family has ended. It has 194000 miles on it and it has served it’s purpose. Now it is going to serve a college student who has no car but, needs one due to a loss of a transmission in an older car. The recap of the car is as follows:

$ 3400 cash to purchase in June 2013. This is 18 months which is 8 months past the initial plan of 10 months. The car is 21 years old so it is a little bit past it’s prime. We saved $120 per month in gas price for a total of $2160 over the previous car (Ramsey Rover) The time with the 1994 Accord wasn’t wasn’t all economically rosy. I had to replace the computer after we decided to keep it past the 10 months. This with a ball joint and some other minor parts added about $1600 to the price of the car. Most of the parts were over a period of time so the costs were not that hard to absorb economically (just emotionally). There were some upgrades like new tires that included a full size spare and rim included with the after purchase costs.

The bottom line costs of the car was a out of pocket $5000. If I subtract the gas savings of $2160 and the what I sold it for ($2500) the net cost is $340. I had a couple of offers for the car at the same price I bought it for but, decided to sell it to a college student at a discount on the term of she has to set a budget that included a $1000 emergency fund. If I had sold it for what I purchased it for I would have effectively been paid to drive the car $560 for 18 months compared to my previous vehicle.

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Do you want to Drive a Free Car?

The Dave Ramsey Seed:

I had come across an interesting video from Dave Ramsey‘s YouTube page ~

DR_Drive_FreeDrive Free – Retire Rich


I suggest watch the video before you read my comments.

Done? Read on….

The main idea of the video was an application of pay yourself first. The car is in the top two of items payed for in the average American lifestyle. The house is the other of the top two.

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WAVE-B Free Ride Project

This is the outline of  the WAVE-B Free Ride Project Plan based upon the Dave Ramsey’s “Drive Free for Life” video / concept. The difference is I’m going to actually apply the concept to real life. The video is a concept video. This means it just faces you in the right direction. The goal is still the same just the details need to be tweeked.

Main Goal – Eliminating Car Debt

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