Work Longer Hours And Get Less Pay – Pathway To Indentured Servitude

Can you work longer hours for the same money? Would you like to give yourself a pay cut? Can you sign up to become an indentured servant? Would you like to be an investor in inferior products? All these things can be done but, it takes planning and goal setting.  This post is not for everyone, not everyone has what it takes to be perpetually poor. If this is your goal keep reading….


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Money Saved is Money Earned


Poor Richard Almanack


“A penny saved is twopence dear” proverb from Poor Richard Almanack is often mis-quoted as a penny saved is a penny earned. The wisdom in the concept no matter which quote you use is a good financial stewardship principal.

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How Much Is a Human Being Worth?


Upon seeing the web site I was able to value myself at $2,909,130. I felt like a cheap discount at a 1 dollar store. How can they just value me at such a low price? According to the web site the highest male was just over 4 million dollars while the average male was worth $2,106,266.  I guess I’m a little above average but, not quite top commodity material.

I live in the United States where the average income is $40,000 per year. If the average person works 30 years they would have generated $1,200,000 just being average. If they invest in themselves they can increase income. If they invest some more wealth will be generated.

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Wealth and Time – Time Is Money

 “Time Is Money” – Benjamin Franklin
Often it is said “time is money”. Many people don’t know where the phrase comes from. It comes from an letter by one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin. There is much wisdom that comes from the past. I have outlined the highlights for me here: