Depreciation Applied

In the past I did a WAVE-B Drive Free project. The starting car was a Ford Windstar Mini-van which was sold for whatever I could get for it. That money plus my small nest egg of $3,500 was used to buy a 1994 Honda Accord. One year and a half from then I sold it for about what I purchased it for and added that to the money that was saved to purchase a 2012 Honda Accord cash. The purchase price for the 2012 was $15,000 + registration, fees and tax ($17,000 total). The miles on the car was 26,000. The question I have is: what was the depreciation of this car to this point?

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Give Yourself A Raise

Would you say yes to a raise if your boss offered you a raise?  Everyone I’ve spoken with throughout my life would say yes if they were asked. Of course there will be some people who will say no but, I have not found them. Why would anyone want a raise?  Speaking for myself a raise would give me more choices. Depending on the amount of increased cash flow would determine choices that can be made.

You are the boss of you; so ask yourself “Do you want a raise?”  If you can answer yes keep reading. A raise is basically money that you get with little or no lifestyle change. A raise gives you more free cash if you keep your spending the same. A raise is thought of as an increase of income. What if you decrease your spending with no increase of income? This has the same effect with more free cash.

I have heard people say then “I have to live like a monk and cut out all the fun stuff when I cut my spending.” The only question that should be asked then is How do I decrease my spending without changing my lifestyle? If you can answer this question then you can give yourself a raise.


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Currency of Time Shifting

Right timing is sometimes just as important as the task at hand. Time shifting is the idea of moving needed tasks to a more advantageous time and to leverage resources better. This can be a benefit or if there is poor timing this can be a disadvantage.


Keep the end result in mind, be task oriented, and flexibility in relation to time can help you meet your goal efficiently.

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Housing Costs – Not All Costs are Seen in the Purchase Price

How much house can you afford? More than any other purchase or expense in your life this effects the quality of your life. There are factors that aren’t usually thought of when a house is purchased. The math of how many times your annual income you can afford is different based upon when you were born. In the 1970s there was a limit of two times your annual income was the most banks would finance (with 20% down of course)

Tent Housing – The Ultimate Starter Home

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How to make money with Republic Wireless

Recently I switched my cell phone provider. for years I was with Verizon Wireless. The service was great for my area and the coverage is extensive. As I started to evaluate my choices I started to see a couple of trends. the 1st was data plans were being limited and the second was the costs for basic services was dropping.

One of the first Cell Phones

One of the first Cell Phones

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Going to Colombia Can Save You Money

Colombian Flag

A few years ago at my wife urged me to start regular dentist visits to ensure the longevity of my teeth. I was really bad about seeing a dentist in the past – only when major issues popped up. I visited a local dentist who accepted insurance from my company’s insurance plan. It was more like a consultation. The dental hygienist “cleaned” my teeth and sent the dentist in to talk to me.  The dentist reviewed my teeth and said I needed a follow-up visit for a “deep cleaning” and a filling due to the start of a cavity.  His scheduled was filled up. I was told to reschedule for a day he did “deep cleanings” and fillings.


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