Iron Sky Or Nazis at the Center of the Earth which has better ROI?

I like to look at things through a financial perspective because it is easier for me to try and value anything. Money no matter what the currency ultimately is valued by labor. It is all relational. To make bread you have to factor the ingredients, the labor to make it, and the production tooling. The ingredients are a factor of labor by themselves as well as the manufacturing of the tooling. So all money is wealth which is a representation of labor.

From Finland With Love

The creation of a movie is a factor of labor. I am a fan of Samuli Torssonen’s work. I first seen some of his simple animation work in 1997 when I saw his Star Wreck V: Lost Contact a Star Trek parody on the internet. It was pretty cool to see the first StarWreck movie evolve to the “live action” of Star Wreck IV.

A few short years later Torssonen evolved yet again. The last installment of the Star Wreck series was Star Wreck 4½: Weak Performance. This was even better work. Each Star Wreck video was a evolution of someone learning a craft and the internet gave the work world wide audience.

Later the parody phase was over for Torssoen and the move forward was to create an original movie. the movie was Iron Sky. It is a story about Nazis who escaped to the moon and are returning to take over. The movie was the most successful film of Finnish Cinema


The next movie is Nazis at the Center of the Earth.

This is a movie from the top mock-buster movie creators which have a business model that profits from the coattails of the larger studios blockbusters. This works for the coattails of the major studios. Iron sky was a internet buzz movie where much of the publicity was through social networks on the internet. How does Asylum’s model work for the smaller scale mini-mock-buster or buzz-buster?

The Bottom Line

The movie Nazis at the Center of the Earth is a mock-buster of Iron Sky which is from a filmmaker who started making parodies of blockbuster Science Fiction films himself. Which does better financially the Finnish internet parody-buster or the Off Hollywood master mock-buster?

I want to look at the two movies and try and figure out what the ROI is on each in a quantifiable way and compare to see if one is better then the other. The average Asylum film is under $500,000 to make. The average ROI is between 25-50% which is $125,000-$250,000.

Iron Sky made $11,565,792 worldwide in the box office. The budget was $10,000,000 to make the film so a $1.5 million gain is not to shabby for a internet spawned movie.

The budget to make Nazis at the Center of the Earth is under $200,000. Using the Asylum average ROI the movie would make $50,000-$100,000.

Iron Sky has a 15% ROI. Iron Sky has a lower ROI than Nazis at the Center of the Earth by 10%-35%.

The realized dollars are:

Iron Sky $1,565,792

Nazis at the Center of the Earth $100,000

Iron Sky is 15 times more profitable money wise than it’s coattails. The power of the Asylum formula is they just have to have enough material with buzz to follow. The Asylum film cost 50 times cheaper to make then the Finnish film. If Asylum does 50 films there is a $2.5-$5 million profit.

Maybe Torssonen should make a mini-mock-buster of an asylum mock-buster…



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