Work Longer Hours And Get Less Pay – Pathway To Indentured Servitude

Can you work longer hours for the same money? Would you like to give yourself a pay cut? Can you sign up to become an indentured servant? Would you like to be an investor in inferior products? All these things can be done but, it takes planning and goal setting.  This post is not for everyone, not everyone has what it takes to be perpetually poor. If this is your goal keep reading….


Indentured Servitude is the perfect path to poverty one can aspire to. We live in a free society in the USA so you have to choose to be an indentured servant. As I have no where else to start I will start with the average American income which is about $43,735 per year per individual according to department of census. If you earn less, good for you. You are ahead of the average person. (Don’t worry even if you are above average in your income you can be helped.)

Lower Your Income

The first thing you could do to have the optimal effect is look for the lowest income job you could find. This is the one which takes the least amount of training to accomplish the daily work tasks. (lower pay will follow) You may not want to totally stop working completely, this would limit your ability to acquire the proper amount of debt to be perpetually poor. As a side note make sure you do the bare minimum to keep your job. You don’t want to make the mistake of getting a raise. (It is a difficult balance of keeping a low paying job and not getting a raise. You don’t want to be fired unless you have a replacement job with lower pay available.)

Acquire Debt

The next step is to acquire debt. Credit cards are great for this but, you have to be creative. Pay the bill but pay it late once in a while. You need to be able to increase your limit and keep the interest rate up at the same time. This is another balancing act. Get multiple cards as offers come in. One way to maximize this technique is to wait to mail back offers all at the same time. Each credit company will be checking at the same time and you may be approved by more at the same time.

Increase Your Debt

Go back to school but, do it with the maximum effect. Check the ROI for the jobs that pay the least with the degree.  Some would say not to get an education to become an indentured servant. (good low income) I say to those people what is better than getting the largest unsecured loan you can get with having the added advantage of not being able to get it taken away with a bankruptcy. This almost guarantees being locked into servitude. Keep reading because you don’t want to chance some change in legislation to mess your plans up. (defer as much as possible to build up the interest)

While at college do not under any circumstances socialize. This might lead to someone trying to “help” you away from your goal. Social capital can undo all your efforts. Poor relationships enhance your ability to be a servant. Poor communication skills are key to eliminating the risk of a “good” relationship. J.P. Sears has great insight into higher education.

Prevent Measures

After you have lowered your income you are setting the foundation. If you earn too much than if your wages are ever garnished you might be able to pay off debt and it would be harder to acquire replacement debt. Overspend for items you could get cheaper; push to overspend each and every month. Spending over what you earn is the key to continuing your servitude.

Financing vehicles with the dealer rate is a great add on to help the ability to be upside down effect. Buy new, I can’t emphasize this enough. The reason you do this is the cost is at it’s maximum level. (Be sure to get the model with the most options they will approve the loan for.) If they offer you a no or low interest offer, plan ahead and have other more expensive financing available.

Extra credit*** – Use the banks that can side step laws to get your dough and keep you up side down. (Think the Big 5 Mega banks.) Wells Fargo is the king of the side step so they can assist you the most in indentured servitude. They are proactive and will sign you up even before you think to sign up for accounts (with all the wonderful fees) .

Final Analysis

If you lived in a communist country you could be called a slave because you have no choice. Since most people reading this are in a non-communist country you’ll have to strive to be an indentured servant. You can then be a indentured servant to the government via taxes, debtors via purchases and banks via interest. The above are just some ideas to get the ball rolling.  You can be creative and make these suggestions be just the beginning.  Use the KISS method, remember low income, upside down spending, and increasing debt are the keys.



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