Lighting with a Match

Matching is a concept of taking something and adding a complementary item and making it greater exponentially. Coupon stacking is an example of this. You can have a need to buy an item like spaghetti on your shopping list. If you have a coupon the money saved is a match for the value of the coupon. If the spaghetti is a two for one special you get a 50% match. When both matches are combined your match is increased by the stacking method.


Starting a fire is easier with a match. Raising money for a charity is easier with a match. Adopting a baby is easier with a match. A match in each of these cases has a slightly different meaning but, in each of these cases a match is an accelerator. Each one has a match point; a point where the fuel and the energy meet.

Matches to start a fire are the initial fuel & energy to start a bigger fire. More fuel is needed to extend the effect. Charities often expand the reach and scope of the work they do with a match of funds.

The most exciting match of the three matches is when adoptive parents are matched with a child needing a family. Recently our Mini-P family build was informed of such a match. (arriving sometime soon). Also isn’t it more exciting if you are going to donate money to a charity or a cause it gets matched.

If you have friends or people you know who are in the process of adopting,  feed them some info on matching grants.

Here are some:


Lifesong Adoption

Show Hope

Hand in Hand (Although they seemed to be overbooked as I type this.)

Also give them the link to adoption friendly employers. They might have a matching opportunity right where they work (Or if they are radical maybe they change jobs!)

Let them know of the possible tax benefit to help defer costs. CPAs should be knowledgeable and be able to see if there are benefits with federal as well as state taxes.

Knowledge is power; here is the link to Adopt Without Debt which is a web site of a family who adopted without debt, wrote a book and list resources on their site.

BackpackCampfire Ready

Anyway now would be a good time to look at the latest update for the Mini-P: Newcomer Family Build. The stats keep improving and it looks like they are a hair under 65% of the goal.  Great progress!!!





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