Money – The Time Tool

The saying “Time is Money” is in my eyes not correct. It implies money is more valuable than time. If this is reversed “Money Is Time” this would imply to reverse. Time is finite on a personal level. You can’t get more time but, you can leverage the time you have with money to make the time you have more valuable.


The reality that money is a tool is lost to many people. Money is a measurement of time. If I work to create a product it involves the cost of materials and the cost of labor. The materials for a product are usually from another product which requires cost of materials and another cost of labor.

Eventually you get to a point of raw materials which still have a labor of gathering attached to it.

To make strawberry jam involves a number of these labor pools to get the final product to shelf. There has to be a person to plant seeds of strawberries, then gather them, then process them to prepare for the final product. This has to be done with the sugar that is added as well and those labor pools.

The cost of an item is determined by the pools of labor to manufacture an item more so than the raw materials. Labor is more of a function of time than anything. There are two types of time that are involved. There is the time it takes to improve the raw material to a product and there is the time to train the person to accomplish the improvement.

A doctor gets paid more than a grocery clerk in large part that it took him more time to learn the skills needed to produce his product. This leads to the product costing more.

Money is ultimately a measure of time. Money is a time tool. It enables the ability to time shift tasks. Money doesn’t rot like more perishable items. If chicken eggs were traded for gasoline this barter would have a shorter time constraint. Money over extended time does have a tendency to lose value to inflation but, it is less perishable than most items.

I can work to save money to spend it a few years later to hire a team of guys to insulate my house. In this process I shifted my labor time to a later more convenient date and I was in effect able to clone and improve myself to handle the task at hand.

When I earned the money to insulate the house it was linear in time. When I spent the money I spent it in parallel. I hired more than one person to work at the same time while also hiring people with more experience at insulating than myself. When more than one person is working together for a task there is a synergy that helps the task move forward exponentially.  The time to learn to insulate well was not needed so this was time I personally didn’t have to spend. Money is a measurement of time so I saved money. I also didn’t have to purchase tools to install the insulation.  My time was not spent installing the insulation so that is money saved. All those money saved instances are then applied towards purchasing other people’s labor.

The cost of hiring someone is not as expensive as it may seem at face value, but after taking all factors in account it may seem like a great deal. Hiring the right person with the right expertise can save reworking an issue and shorted the actual implementation time. so in the long term it can be cheaper to hire someone than do it yourself. After all your just moving time.



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