May Flowers

The $50 Energy Project is in full swing. April showers brought some May flowers. The $50 dollars per month goal has not been met. There are however signs there is light at the end of the tunnel.



May and September are historically the most comfortable months of the year. Those months have the mildest temperatures of the year needing the least amount of air conditioning (hot or cold). This provides an opportunity to guest-a-mate the other big energy uses in the house.

This May was a great time to look deeper into the usage. The 19th of May was a normal day with the average temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit.


The kWh usage for the day was 40. If this is contrasted to the 21st of May when the family had a quick weekend getaway and the central air was turned off the difference is noticeable. Another factor is there were no showers, dishes washed, laundry used during on the 21st so effectively the only thing plugged in and running was the refrigerator. The results are below:


The result is 5 kWh used on this day. That is a 35 kWh difference and the average temperature was the same for both days. If the refrigerator uses 5kWh per day then the total usage is 1,825 kWh per year. This is about the average month’s kWh usage (1,372 kWh last year). This could be something to look into in the future to see if there is a way to make that more efficient.

After looking at both days I could reasonably deduct the Midnight to the 1 am and the 4-5 am kWh usage on the 19th was the refrigerator. My guess would be the other times the fridge came on would be 4 more times to coincide with people getting food out of the fridge. (6-7 am, 8-9 am, 2-3 pm, & 7-8 pm). This totals the fridge at about 6 kWh on this day leaving 34 kWh for everything else.

May was an achievement month for energy savings in this house.

  • 719 kWh used in one month; lowest usage since owning house!
  • $58.68 is the usage charge for the month (added charge is $22 service fee & 6% tax of $4.85 = $85.53)
  • Average kWh usage per day all time low at 25!

To get to $50 energy usage per month is within sight. If I count the usage charge only they the goal is only $8.68 away. With the EMC service fee of $22 automatically added per month it makes it more challenging. Here are some more comparisons based upon the last 3 years:






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