A Baby in Atlanta is the Unintended Consequence of Unaffordable Housing in Kelowna

A Baby in Atlanta, USA is the unintended consequence of unaffordable housing in Kelowna, Canada


Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada is part of the major metropolitan area of Vancouver. According to the 12th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey: 2016 – Rating Middle-Income Housing Affordability Vancouver is the least affordable after major metropolitan market after Hong Kong, China and Sydney NSW, Australia. In Canada four of the five least affordable metropolitan markets were in British Columbia. Kelowna was ranked 5th on the list.

Land prices are very expensive in Kelowna which is the first domino in the chain that ends with a baby in Atlanta. In 2010 Curtis Stone took the high cost of land in his part of the world and of course he did the most obvious thing and started farming. Curtis turned land in people’s yards leveraged his farming knowledge and social contacts turned them into a profitable urban farming business.


In 2014 the Curtis Stone’s domino hit the domino of Joshua Sheats. Joshua looking for content for his podcast came across Curtis Stone’s story and interviewed him for his podcast (Radical Personal Finance). The interview hit upon the idea of identifying different forms of capitalism. The synergy between Joshua and Curtis hit the next domino.

In 2016 Joshua Sheats domino hit my domino. As I thought about what I had heard about capitalism on the podcast it had me thinking what my definition of capitalism was. Capitalism at its core is trading one asset for another asset. When money is involved it is used as a common translator of assets (a form of accounting with a good shelf life). I can trade a perishable item for money and purchase at a later date another perishable item using money. Curtis mentioned his use of social capitalism to help accomplish his goals. The interview solidified for me the idea of using reputation and social connections as a form of currency.  I have this small blog and hopefully my content has helped people who have read it. So I started the WAVE-B a Fool Challenge which I challenged my readers to donate to the Newcomer Family to help them have a debt free adoption process.

The 10 day challenge was a success as it moved the funds needed for the adoption closer to the goal. In 10 days the percent went from 38% to 41% cost covered. My domino was picked up by someone else and they pledged to match the donations made during the challenge up to $1000. (That goal was met!)

Dominoes has 28 pieces in the standard set. As I write this it has been 28 weeks since Toby and Pilar Newcomer announced their intentions to adopt a baby.  (31st October 2015). Week 28 of a pregnancy is the beginning of the third trimester. This is where the bump really starts to show; like the bump of the belly the fund bump is starting to show.

I’d like to give some thanks out for this blog post:

The City of Kelowna, Canada; thanks for the expensive land prices!

Curtis Stone; thanks for thinking outside the box and farming in Kelowna making the improbable possible!

Joshua Sheats; thanks for presenting the conversation with yourself and Curtis Stone broadening my own view of the virtues of capitalism.

Anonymous matching funds donor; Thanks for letting my domino hit yours!

Toby and Pilar; thanks for having the faith to step up and prepare for a child who you don’t know where, when, why or how they will show up. It inspires me as I’m sure it does other people.

I wonder what dominos the Newcomer Family will knock down in the future.

Here are the stats for the April’s Fools Challenge:


Below is all the references to the above dominoes:

City of Kelowna http://www.kelowna.ca/cm/site3.aspx

12th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey: 2016 – Rating Middle-Income Housing Affordability http://www.demographia.com/dhi.pdf (page 22 and page 27)

Curtis Stone http://theurbanfarmer.co/about-curtis/

Joshua Sheats – Radical Personal Finance

Episode 40 https://radicalpersonalfinance.com/making-80k-on-13-acre-with-an-urban-farm-without-owning-land-yes-please-interview-with-curtis-stone-rpf0040/

Episode 141 https://radicalpersonalfinance.com/141-establishing-a-success-mindset-in-preparation-for-urban-farming-interview-with-curtis-stone/

Push your own domino and donate yourself:




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