Energy Project February / March Update

The changes made in the house by adding insulation and changing light bulbs is starting to get a return on the investment. So here is the quick update to show what progress has been made.

The focus I’d like to present is the kWh Usage because the measurement of the usage drives the costs:



The difference of kWh of February & March from 2015 to 2016 is 849 kWh. The difference is closing on the usage of a lower cost month. Eventually I’d like to get my usage down to the point to cover a more expensive month. The bottom line of the actual dollars is as follows:

In 2015 the two months cost $430.16 and in 2016 the cost was $361.12. The savings was $69.04.  This is not a groundbreaking savings but, it is in the right direction and the momentum is being built.

One little not is in February there is a factor that made a big difference between 2015 and 2016 and that was the outside temperature was colder in 2015 than 2016. (It was on average 9 degrees warmer in 2016.)


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