Learn To Earn

Earn Save, Earn Spend Save, Earn Invest Spend Save, Earn Give Spend Save; No matter what is done with finances it always starts with earning. Nothing happens without earning. Savings, spending, investing, giving doesn’t happen without something to start with. The order of how finances are done is everything follows earning. The first step is first.


Stairway to Heaven

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

Earning is the first step and there is a bit of faith involved that you can move forward from there. No one knows how much or what they will do with their earnings beyond the basic necessities when they first earn their first money. For some people they earn their first money at an early age usually at a low skilled task with low pay. At that point they continue on without seeing the end in sight because their sight is near. As you get older you pick up experience and skills one way or another. All skills are learned and the more skills of value you have the more valuable you become.

Often people start to gain longer sight as they get older. A realization happens that earnings can be spent on investments to produce further earnings. The cycle becomes you work for your money so your money can work for you.  The 80/20 rule is throughout my writings but, the one exception to the rule is earnings 100% of your first earnings is a result of your first efforts. Work is the key to success. No work equals no success. You may have work with no success but, you will never have success without work.

Focusing in on two things will improve your financial success:

Improve your value by adding skills that are valuable to others.

Invest your earnings in yourself to add more skills.

Most people discount their earnings because they apply their skills in the wrong space. Think of the waitress who works at a two star restaurant compared to a five star restaurant. The two star restaurant has a lower cost menu than the five star establishment. Tips is a payment structure of percentage commissions based upon the cost of the food.  Our waitress can be performing the same service using the same skills in either restaurant. Applying her skills in the space with the higher menu items gives her a raise just by where she is working. Of course her skill set might need to be improved from the lower rated restaurant to the higher one but, not maybe not that much.

Another way people discount their earnings is by not looking around to see where their skills can be applied outside in other fields of expertise. Our waitress may develop super persuasive people skills while she is a waitress. That skill can be really useful in a sales position of a manufacturer. Selling light bulbs to restaurant chains may be a way she transitions to a sales position in an industry she knows well by working in the same industry applying her skills in a different capacity that is more lucrative. I imagine selling light bulbs to a chain of restaurants has a greater commission than serving a meal to a restaurant customer.

The light bulb job may be a stepping stone to another sales position selling a more high priced item like a cash register which would provide higher commissions due to the sales of a higher priced item. The cash register sales position may have college tuition benefits which our once waitress could apply to learn another skill and create the opportunity for yet greater earnings.

I doubt our waitress saw herself selling cash registers when she started as a waitress but, often having faith to take a chance with your skill set and reinvesting in the skill set will reap great rewards even when you can’t see the end.


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