Mini-P: Applied Social Capital

This last weekend I was able to attend a garage sale which was a testament to capitalism.  If you think of capital you may be thinking of cash. In our Mini-P for the Newcomer Family we are co-investing and I’m posting monetary updates as well as social media updates. These are the two accounting systems that are co-mingled.

DynamicDuoToby and Pilar

Toby and Pilar have been utilizing their social capital to help them with their latest endeavor on their path to parenthood. They had decided to have a Fund Raiser Garage Sale with the proceeds going towards the adoption process.

Having a garage sale may not be the most unique idea to raise money but, they did something that really made it different. They utilized their social capital.

The idea of social capital is the idea of leveraging each other for win-win situations

Toby and Pilar communicated to their friends of their need to have stuff to sell in their garage sale. Their friends responded with the first win – getting rid of no longer used items simplifying their lives. The next win was the customers who came to the sale; with bargain deals saving them cash on items purchased.

The customers themselves provided an opportunity for another win; a small paper with the details of the fundraiser with further donation links was passed to all customers. This was creating a small amount of free publicity utilizing the social network of the customers.

Inevitability there are items not sold during the garage sale. Here is where the dynamic duo took the wins to the next level. They donated the remainder items to the local humane society.



They set up the venture to have as many wins as possible. The one final win will be four society; they are working hard to provide a home for a child in need. The fact work and time was needed to accomplish this will help the child be more appreciated and society will be provided with an amazing human being in a mere 18-20 years time.

Progress Made:

9MAR2016 Stats



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