Snow Miser Strikes Back

The $50 Energy Project took an energy hit last month. The cold kicked in and there was an increase of the energy usage compared to last year. This means the project is going in the long direction.

DisapproveWrong Direction

It is easier to admit victory than it is to admit defeat. In January of 2016 there was an increase of energy usage over 2015. There are two basic ways to respond to this, the first is to accept it and do nothing and the second is to accept it and do something about it.


The bad news starts with the increased kWh from last year. The temperature was within 1 degree so it wasn’t a factor. There were also less billing days in this years January period. If the number of days were the same the big difference is really extremely noticeable.


The final bill was bigger than last year but, less than 2 years ago. The total cost of January for the last three years is $894 which is alarming.


The good thing is I’m able to compare the usage from last year and see something has to be done. My first ideas are the following:

  • The Heat Pump needs service maintenance
  • There are loose or open vents in the system after the insulation was put in
  • An appliance is failing and needs replacement
  • The radiant barrier reflected the sun’s warmth from the roof cooling the whole house

To be continued….



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