Talk is Cheap – Action is Priceless

Talk is cheap – Action is priceless. The worst word in the world is “but”. It is the seed of excuses. The excuse seed flowers into realized failure. Recently I had someone tell me they could not buy a good car with cash. As I questioned why not, they had every excuse they could think of with all comments prefaced with the word “but”.  My personal opinion is they need a “but lift”…

Brazil Butt Lift“Brazillian Butt Lift” fitness program – Lifting Excuses One “But” at a Time

Above is not really the “but lift” I was meaning when I spoke with the person however the “Brazillian Butt Lift” fitness program is an illustration of taking action improves your fitness. So with finances the excuses like butts need to be lifted to get better.  I could talk until I’m blue in the face about improving my finances but, if no action is taken nothing good happens. Something bad may happen; do nothing and guarantee something bad will happen.

The funny thing about my conversation was the person knew buying a car for cash was better than financing it in their situation. I really think the reason I was hit up with so many excuses was there was no underlying purpose to improve. Being comfortable where you are sometimes works against you as well.

Buying a car with cash has more to do with your general outlook as it has to do with your financial outlook. I take it as a sign of short term thinking in most cases.

When you purchase a car by financing it you are saying I didn’t think ahead. The purchase price is always more when you finance with credit. So there is a willingness to pay more for the same item. The thinking is backwards. Earn, save, spend is the order of most purchases. Reverse the order spend, earn, save and buying is leaning towards spending today’s dollars today instead of spending today’s dollars tomorrow. This could lead to spending tomorrow’s dollars yesterday (under water).

The moment the word “but” is used it is like there is a stop sign for progress. Excuses pop up like weeds. Do a “But Lift” and kill the weeds of progress….

FYI – Here is Rachel Cruz from Ramsey Solutions facing someone needing a “But Lift”

Also “Brazillian Butt Lift” is from BeachBody if you want to check it out click HERE


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