Mini-P : Newcomer Family Build

The first WAVE-B Invest In People Project is starting in the beginning. The first Mini-P is the assist of two people who have stepped up to fulfill a need in today’s world.Pilar&Toby

The two people are Pilar and Toby Newcomer. They are on route to become one of the 2% who adopt in the United States. The costs of adoption is a lot no matter which way you cut it (see:

This Mini-P is like a house build. Like any house build there needs to be a foundation. The foundation is Pilar and Toby. I have know both of them quite a few years and they are the kind of people who put others in front of themselves which ironically is a good parenting attribute. They have supported charities in the past such as Colombianitos which gives children in Colombia a positive environment to flourish in. They are about to take that positive environment idea to the next level.

In addition to the solid foundation of having the right people for this family build, the project has great aspect – debt free adoption. Having debt is like trying to box with one glove tied behind your back. Yes you can do it, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea.

The debt free goal is great in multiple ways. The child will have a great model to follow, the parents can focus of the child and invest in the child’s future and not the child’s past.

How often do you have the opportunity to invest with such a great return on investment? When you pay taxes your money gets eaten up in overhead. When you invest in Pilar and Toby there is no overhead and in twenty years time society will have a great addition. That same money sent to taxes won’t have the same bang for the buck.

Also I’m keeping track of money sent and social media links because of this blog. If you send any funds to invest and/or link or post to a social media site due to this blog.

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