Drive Free For Life – Down Under

Often good ideas don’t go anywhere. Sometimes they get feet and walk around a bit. The Dave Ramsey “Drive Free for Life” plan is a idea with feet. It walked all the way down under Barefoot via Scott Pape “The Barefoot Investor”.

It is pretty cool to know there are most likely people doing the same as I am with my little project. Check out the video from down under HERE.

Good ideas often have feet.

Sometimes when an idea walks it gets modified. After talking with Ms WAVE-B we came to the conclusion the Honda Sportscar from our “Free Ride” project is a quite reliable car and if we drive it for double the time we originally planned we would have more time to save for a better car.

The “Sportscar

The loss of money on the sale for a 20 year old car is very small because the car is a rock bottom value already. Besides we have another vehicle which may need replacement before this one. (The Green Machine – with over 240,000 miles)

The option to keep saving adds some risk that the Honda may break down but, it adds flexibility. If the Jeep breaks down before the Honda we would be able to replace it with the saved funds rather then going to financing. (Which is one of the reasons for doing the project.)

Feedback is always welcomed; What do you think?


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