New and Improved 1994 Accord


The Almost Sportscar -1994 Honda Accord


When I convinced my wife we should go for it and start our WAVE-B Free Ride Project she was concerned about moving backwards in quality of vehicle. After all at our price point of $3400 it is harder to find a deal then at a higher price point.  We wanted to have a car that wasn’t a liability both in operation and looks. As part of our plan we kept in mind we would need to put more money into this car after we purchased it.

 There was a hit list we created to knock out things that would make us  Above is the car which needed tweeking to improve it’s value so we can get the most out of our purchase. I brought it to our mechanic’s shop to have them check it over. (K&M Auto, Kennesaw Georgia) He determined we needed to drain the transmission fluid. The mechanic recommended to bring it back in three months to do it again as a precaution to get any sediments out of the casing.
My hit list of things to do were as follows:
  1. Change VSS (used with the odometer and speedometer)
  2. Change tires (also get full size spare)*
  3. Change muffler
  4. Get new headlights
  5. Get new windshield wipers
  6. Fix electric locks
  7. Fix front windows
  8. Clean Car

The first thing done were the lights, wipers, and VSS install. The second was to purchase new tires, which I did after running the car for about a month. We saved about $300 in gas by using this car rather than the Ramsey Rover and carpooling. This enabled the purchase of the tires, a new full size rim, and a muffler.

*The purchase of a full size rim and 5 new tires was only $10 more then just 4 new tires due to a special. There are a few advantages to the 5th full tire. First is less wear and tear on each tire over time and second  is if I get a flat I can change the tire and not have to worry about delaying my trip due to having to immediately having ti replace the doughnut tire.

The cost of the vehicle of course increased:

Initial Cost                  $3400

Improvement Cost        $858


Total Car Cost             $4258

The gas savings per month for the almost sports car compared to the Ramsey Rover Mini Van is  $1,575 per year so it will take 2.7 years for the gas savings to pay for the car. (It may even be sooner if we use the car more or if the price of gas increases.)

The improvements added have added to the efficiency, the longevity and the safety to the car. This means you are never to old to improve.


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